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Thailand Hotels Industry Outlook Expected To Be Bright For 2019 - 2020


Hotel Technology Realm 2019 is being organized by Fixture Global, INC for Hotel Technology collaboration with SEA Associations and Tourism Board of Thailand. The participants will include the Cxo’s and IT Experts from the hospitality industry across the SEA Market. These professionals would discuss and share their experiences and learn about the trends & innovation in Hotel technology. The summit will host ONE-TO-ONE BUSINESS MEETINGS, HAND-PICKED BUYERS, HOSTED BUYERS, ELEVATOR PITCH, NETWORKING Through COFFEE & COCK TAIL and KNOWLEDGE SHARING PROGRAM. HTR being an extension to hospitality Industry, bringing the latest technology and creative resources to connect the Vendors with the ultimate brand experience. .







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HTR is an integrated partner, connecting companies with their chosen audience while adding value at every stage of the experience, leveraging the buying power and customizing innovative technologies and creative talent required to deliver results and get the success to our sponsors and partners.

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